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Pro hunt has proven to be responsible and professional organization with friendly approach and true understanding for the needs of club they work with on one side and with strong attitude about terms for Athletes they represent on other side. Thanks to Pro hunt we had the honor to welcome Daveonn Porter, who has proven himself as amazing and hard working player that never gives up and as a great friend and important team member. Best regards and thank you both Daveonn and Pro Hunt.

Vukasin Simonovic

Former GM, GAT Novi Sad Dukes (Serbia)

Amp Green football player

Pro Hunt is the #1 scouting service that connects players to contracts all over the world! I highly recommend them. They are great people to work with, efficient & trustworthy. This is my 4th year playing overseas and they have help me ink good deals. Ive played in Hungary, Egypt, Germany & Poland. They made sure that I was well taken care of and & never mislead me. I love them & I love what they are doing for athletes. #ToTheLeague

Amp Green

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