Darrell L. Tate, II (Founder/CEO, Pro Hunt)
Darrell Lynn Tate, II

Darrell is currently an overseas RB in the German Football League, producing outstanding seasons as MVP in both the Hungarian Football League, and Austrian Football League division 2. He has also played within the countries of Serbia, Poland, Ukraine and Germany. Currently in the pursuit of the NFL, he is taking the necessary steps needed to get there.


After contacting over 200 teams in order to get a chance at playing overseas, he is dedicated to opening the doors of opportunity for other aspiring athletes. 

"Playing overseas is an opportunity that has lead to the best moments of my life, and meeting some of the most extraordinary people I have ever known. I want share the experience with as many people as I can and inspire others to shoot for their dreams!"

-Darrell Lynn Tate, II

Katarina Tate
Team Communications and Player Personnel 

Katarina plays a vital role in communication with affiliated teams and athletes of Pro Hunt. During the past few years, she has always been there to help new overseas imports get acquainted with the new settings they venture into. She ensures that both athletes and teams are satisfied in coexisting with one another, and is also able to assist anyone in providing them with general information about playing overseas football.

Katarina Tate (Team Communications and Player Personnel) 
Justin Ramsey
Player Scouting and Evaluation

Sports has been a major influence on Justin during his early years of playing various sports from middle school throughout college. While overseas, Justin has both played and coached. 

"I am motivated by and measure my success through the success of others. I look forward to the opportunity to support the great work Pro Hunt is doing to help athletes achieve their dreams."

Justin Ramsey (Player Scouting and Evaluation)
Jamar Dials (Speed and Strength Development)
Jamar Dials
Speed and Strength Development

Jamar was formerly a top athlete in Europe at the WR and QB position, finishing his 2015 season as the leader in All-Purpose Yards at the WR position within the Hungarian Football League. Furthermore, as a QB he lead his team in Poland (Olsztyn Lakers) to their first ever championship appearance.


Jamar's work ethic is UNMATCHED in the weight room and on the field. He provides athletes with training and workout plans in order to develop their speed, strength, and conditioning.