Day 1 (evening arrival)

-Athlete Interviews and Overseas info (meet and greet current Pro Hunt athletes who have played overseas)
Day 2 
-Combine and competitive practice. Afternoon all athletes will participate in competitive drills against each other (everything will be filmed) Combine will be filmed and players will be evaluated by Pro Hunt staff.

-DRAFT! Athletes will be drafted and assigned to  SEPARATE teams. Athletes will be present during the draft. Athletes will be given a simple playbook to memorize by the next day (this will simulate a real situation in which athletes actually arrive overseas and have a game the following day)

Day 3

-Teams will have walkthrough in the morning. Game begins in the afternoon.
-Games will be played in a spring-game format to ensure maximum reps and quality scouting!
-Game will be streamed live so that overseas coaches/teams will be able to scout. Family and friends will also be able to watch safely from a distance!