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Defensive Back

Dallas, Tx





Current/Previous Team (year)

Albany Empire NAL







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Im David Richardson, Im from Dallas Texas. Im currently looking for a team in Europe that I can contribute on the field while also contributing to the organization off the field. I would love to get an opportunity to coach the youth teams.Im willing to get a work visa to stay in Europe year round.

Twitter: Davidrich23
Instagram: Davidrich5
Phone: 214-675-7135

Tulsa University 2015-2016 Division 1
Fullerton Junior College 2016-2017 Juco
West Florida University 2018-2019 Division 2

College Career Stats: 6 Interceptions, 2 Touchdowns, 25+ Pass Breakups, 1 Force Fumble, 75+ Tackles,3 Touchdowns allowed.
2x Junior College National Champions
2019 NCAA D2 National Champions
2020 Podyum All-Star Bowl

2020 Virtual Pro Day:
40 time| 4.54sec
L-Drill| 6.92sec
Shuttle| 4.06sec
Vertical| 35 Inches

Game Film/Highlights
Junior College:
West Florida:

Coach Report:
Riley Swanson
St. Norbert College
Defensive Coordinator

Coaching Review: David Richardson

I coached David Richardson in 2018 at the CB position when he first arrived at the University of West Florida. He was a great teammate, intelligent, hard worker, and an instinctive playmaker that contributed to defense and special teams. David showed the ability to learn technique and scheme quickly to execute his alignment, assignment, and responsibility. Also, he showed a daily commitment to excellence and a consistent competitive drive that allowed him to get better each and every day.

Physical Attributes:
David is a fluid moving cornerback that has good short area quickness and has the ability to transition in all directions. He has good hip flexibility to transition from square pedal positions and open hipped positions. David has good linear speed, with a bursty turnover during the drive phase. His top end speed can be improved but he is fast enough to keep up with #1 WR’s and fast enough to stay in phase when transitioning on vertical routes.

Overall, David has the ability to cover and tackle in space. He can cover well in isolated man to man situations along with the ability to close quickly on the quick passing game. In addition, he can play both off coverage and play press coverage, disrupting WR’s at the LOS. He is physical at the point of attack when it comes to tackling and has demonstrated the ability to get guys on the ground consistently.
David has shown the ability to use body 2 body wrap tackling techniques when ball carriers are square and has shown the ability to hawk/roll tackle ball carriers when the ball carrier shoulders are facing the sidelines. He can track the near hip/leg and get himself in position to get guys on the ground.
Also, David has good ball skills. He can track the football well on vertical routes and has the ability to use his hands and make difficult catches transitioning downhill on the football. In his film, he shows the ability to high point the football too which is really key when defending bigger body types.

Mental Attributes:
David is a good competitor and communicator. He communicates well with the coaching staff and his teammates. He is confident to compete at a high level and intelligent enough to move on from bad plays. His situational football IQ is sharp too in which he has managed the pass game correctly depending on down/distance and football situation. In addition, David has an even keel demeanor when competing. He never gets too high or too low emotionally, which served him well when competing at University of West Florida. David is certainly a team player that understands a team first mentality.