Adrian Marquise Fletcher

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My name is Adrian Marquise Fletcher I’ve played football since I was 5 years old I’m now 27 since I started playing I’ve always been running back it just all comes natural when it comes to carrying the ball. My first team I started playing for was the Eastside Cowboys until I was 8 years old after playing for the cowboys I moved on playing with another team named the Vaughn Bears until the age of 12 I received my first plaque as a running back with the them and it read “For your loyalty and dedication to the Bears football team while achieving academic excellence. I will always cherish the memories and time we shared. As you move forward in life always be the best that you can be. May god bless you . From coach Jimmy Vaughn . This was my last season playing little league football.

I went on to play for Del Crest Jr. High (Falcons) . I broke multiple records there ending my 7th grade season (2005) with 24tds and also received the 7th grade male athlete of the year 2005-2006. 8th grade year I played both 8th and freshmen team.

I attended Del City High (EAGLES) I played varsity my last four games as a freshmen (special teams) , sophomore year I was fourth team runnning back and kickoff team coach always told me special teams are very important so I did what I had to do to help the team best way I could. Junior year I started as running back and did some defense as a safety. One of the best moments of my junior year October 1, 2009 I scored the game-winning TD to pull out 13-12 which was my birthday as well “Del City win Thursday at Wantland Stadium in Edmond over Edmond Santa Fe” . I ended my junior year with 12TDS , 1500YDS I also have statement the Oklahoman newspaper said about me my junior year again the Edmond Memorial Bulldogs, “ Last week Adrian Fletcher pounded the bulldogs; many times he simply ran people over while carrying the ball. SEE EAGLES, PAGE 5B. Senior year I started as well and kickreturn I ended the season with 8TDS, 1220YDS and was name the EASTWORD player of the week.

I went on to play college ball at Bacone College(NAIA). 2011-2012 I redshirted my freshman year and did special teams and some PT at running back unfortunately I didn’t get my film when I left there. Went on to play simi pro for the Ponca City Gladiators as satrting running back 2013-2014 didn’t really keep track of my stats then or film with the league not being so solid like it would be for overseas teams not many people cared I ended that season with 10TDS , and 2015-2017 I just focused on school I have my associates degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. I had my first pro combine August 2018 for the Rivals Professional Football League (RPFL) ran by Quinton Hines former New England Patriots running back. I made the requirements to get signed to a team I got picked up by the Detroit Cougars, but some things came up and with them not paying granteed I declined their offer to play . I recently had a combine / showcase game for PROHUNT December 2018 did pretty good after pulling my hamstring during. I did enough to get signed to Prohunt as an athlete so I say anything is possible.

With myself not having much film I just put it all in god hands to give me the opportunity to show what I can do on a physical level I ask all teams around just give me that chance to show what I was born to do carrying the ball and make a home and commitment to a team overseas I romise if I’m signed itge coaches , players, fans community won’t regret it. Thank you have a blessed day.

Adrain Marquise Fletcher DOB 10-1-91